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We work with a number of wonderful banking partners including Refund Advantage, Republic Bank and Santa Barbara Tax Products Group.


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“Prior to starting my Umbrella tax prep business, I was working as a manager of a rental car company. With three young children at home, I wanted to make more money and have flexibility with my working hours. I know the value of hard work, but I knew very little about tax planning and finance. The cost to start an Umbrella business was very reasonable, and I couldn’t believe the amount of information, support and training they provided to help me get started in my business that first year especially! After my first tax season, I was able to quite my full-time job, and now I made more money working less hours and most importantly, I get to spend time with my family which has been absolutely priceless.
Bonnie Smith

Pro Agent since 2014, Houston, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to start a business with Umbrella?

Your total upfront costs range from $199-1,299 to license our products, all depending on which model you choose..

What exactly do you assist me with?

Everything you need to operate a tax office with financial services: IRS Registration, Software, Bank Products, Training, 24/ 7/365 IT and Tax Law Support, Financial Services Training, Marketing/Promotional Materials, and a Business Development Manager to guide you step-by-step, and much more.

Is there an education or skills requirement?

No. We have a robust training program to teach you everything you need to be successful.

I’ve been preparing tax returns for years; do I need the training?

Yes because our unique system is designed to help you build, manage and market your business to offer both tax preparation and financial coaching services.

Our expert package provides the technology and resources to not only improve convenience and efficiency for you and your team, but will also enhance the quality of service and year-round services you can provide to your clients.

What does the training include?

Our online training is self-paced. We have training videos and other materials available via our partner company 1040taxinstitute web site for you to review on your own schedule. Most people grasp the software in a matter of hours. The more you practice, the faster and more efficient you will become. Most Licensees become comfortable and confident in a short period of time.


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