DALLAS, Texas, Sept. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/

Umbrella Financial Services Tax Solutions Group (UFSTSG) today announced a new partnership with World Financial Group (WFG). The multi-year agreement marks the company’s first-ever collaboration with a financial services provider.

As Tax Services Partner of WFG, UFSTSG will offer its tax preparation services to all WFG independent associates.  As a result, WFG independent associates can refer their insurance, pension, and related financial services clients to UFSTSG for tax preparation and tax planning services.

“We look forward to bringing our nearly ten years of tax knowledge and expertise to hundreds of thousands of WFG’s agents and clients,” says founder and chief executive officer Kevin Murphy.”

WFG is not a franchise and does not charge any franchise fees.  UFSTSG’s partnership with WFG will also allow its licensees the ability to join WFG.  UFSTSG pays administrative costs to participate.  The company’s name and logo are available to UFSTSG licensees at no cost.  UFSTSG licensees will have the ability to offer non-licensed financial products like property and casualty insurance and estate planning documents including a will, trust, and power of attorney.  To sell licensed product and services offered by WFG, a UFSTSG licensee will need to become fully life-licensed which involves, but not limited to, expenses associated with exam materials, exam fees, registration fees, other educational cost and appointments with insurance companies.  Combining WFG’s seamless solutions helps uncover specific client needs to increase revenue-generating activities for UFSTSG’s licensees and independent contractors.  WFG’s business platform provides UFSTSG with a unique opportunity to increase their offerings to customers and provide a variety of avenues to generate revenue and expand your business by obtaining new licenses and become a registered representative.

“We are very pleased to begin a relationship with WFG.  They are a great brand that fits well with our brand,” said Mr. Murphy. “The WFG’s products and services align closely with the UFSTSG tax services, so it’s a natural fit.” Leveraging client’s current financial needs, uncovering advanced financial planning, and aligning client need to various financial services, allow our licensees to add more profit to their bottom line and make money year-round.  It is a true industry game changer. The strategic partnership with WFG offers UFSTSG’s licensees a dynamic business platform to help you build your financial services business. UFSTSG provides support and services to make their business strong, so licensees do not just survive in this business, they prosper.”

“We had been considering partnering with a major insurance provider for some time, so this opportunity with WFG just felt right, our partnership with WFG sets UFSTSG apart from our competition. We are indeed providing individuals the opportunity to own and operate a Financial Services Business that Rewards You for Helping Others.”

Partnership tips off Dec. 1st.

About World Financial Group Canada Inc.

World Financial Group Canada Inc. (WFG) is a financial service marketing company whose independent associates offer life insurance, mutual funds, and other financial services products through its affiliated companies, World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada Inc. and WFG Securities Inc. WFG’s long-standing mission is quite simple: to help families have better financial futures. The company’s independent associates are located across Canada, and serve individuals and families in their local communities. You can learn more about WFG at WorldFinancialGroup.com

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