Are you someone who loves numbers and enjoys helping others? Consider becoming a tax preparer for a sustainable source of income!

The average wage of a tax preparer varies by state and level of experience, but our licensees earn up to $60,000 per year, working only during tax season.

Best yet, tax preparers are in high demand, especially in highly populated states. As long as people have to file taxes, you’ll be able to attract a solid base of returning customers.

Consider these key benefits of becoming a tax preparer this January.

1. Minimal Start-Up Cost

The certificate for becoming a tax preparer is as easy as taking an online class. It usually only takes a few short weeks, as long as you commit enough time to the program.

Many programs are available online, allowing you to work remotely on earning your credentials.

Other than that, you can get started as a tax preparer working for someone else at no additional cost, or start your own tax business with UFSTSG for NO franchise fees and royalties that are lower than the industry average.

2. No Experience Required

To become a tax preparer, you don’t need any experience or a college degree. The skills necessary are extremely teachable.

Many individuals who partake in this profession may also be bookkeepers or accountants, but just as many have career backgrounds that are completely different.

3. Seasonal Position

Tax preparers generally work only during tax season. This begins in January and ends April 15th.

This makes tax preparation an excellent choice for anyone interested in pursuing other professions or interests the remainder of the year, spending more time with family, or simply earning some extra income after retirement.

4. Job Security

The art of filing taxes will always be in demand. No matter what else changes in terms of the government, people will always need help with their taxes.

Even in the case of a recession, tax professionals are generally unaffected. Moreover, taxes are guaranteed to confuse many people, leading them to hire a professional tax preparer.

5. Meaningful Skills

In addition to all the above benefits, you’ll also have plentiful opportunities to apply your tax knowledge to other careers.

You may have never realized the knack you have for numbers, but upon giving taxes a chance, the passion may hit you.

You could easily apply your skills to a full-time, non-seasonal job, such as bookkeeping or accounting. In addition, it will allow you to refine your business and entrepreneurship skills.

Besides, you’ll never mess up your own taxes again once you know how to prepare everyone else’s.

Become a Tax Preparer

If you are an individual with a tax license who is interested in opening your own tax office, consider UFSTSG today.

We offer an easy path to become your own boss, work flexible and seasonal hours, and gain skills that will apply to almost any profession.

Better yet, UFSTSG will manage your clients throughout the year while you are off-season, allowing you to maintain your client book. From marketing materials to business support, we provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Request a free consultation with us today to decide if tax preparation is the business you’ve been dreaming of!

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