It’s certainly a major adjustment when you start your own business after years of being an employee, but it could end up being the best move of your life. Being your own boss gives you more control over your financial future, allows you to set the culture of your workplace, and gives you greater flexibility. Check out these 10 benefits of owning your own business.

1. Increase Your Earnings Potential

As an employee, there’s usually only so much you can earn. When you own the business, its success is also your success, and how much you make depends entirely on your skills as a business owner and how much effort you put into growing your business.

2. Save Money on Taxes

Although you have more tax obligations as a business owner, you can also take far more deductions than an employee could, allowing you to save quite a bit of money. As a business owner, you can often deduct expenses you are paying for anyway, such as a portion of your utilities if you work from home.

3. Work Where You Want

Even if you can’t work from home, you can still choose a location that’s convenient for you. This often means you spend less time commuting, which not only puts valuable time back into your day, it also lowers your gas bill.

4. Be Your Own Boss

As a business owner, you call the shots. You still answer to clients, but you have much more control, and you set the rules regarding how your company works. You can choose the type of clients you want to work with, and if you have an unreasonable client, you can make the decision to termination your business agreement.

5. Gain More Flexibility

If you like to exercise in the morning, or you’re more productive in the afternoon, you can set up your schedule to work for you. Take time off in the afternoon to pick up your kids from school or do your grocery shopping when the stores aren’t busy. Your schedule is entirely in your hands.

6. Follow Your Interests

While you need to find an area where you can make money, as a business owner, you can build your business around something you like and enjoy doing. You can even outsource or hire someone to take care of tasks you don’t like so that you can focus on the parts of the business you enjoy most.

7. Sell Your Business When the Time Comes

If your business turns into a success, you can either pass it down to family later or sell it for a profit, and retire on your earnings.

8. Help Others

When your business expands, you may find yourself needing assistance. By hiring employees, you’re creating jobs for other people. As a small business owner, you can create the type of company culture that you wish you’d had as an employee, and create a workplace that your employees enjoy coming to every day.

9. Create More Excitement

The routine of being an employee can quickly become boring. With a business, you can always look for new ways to grow your skills and better serve your customers. You’re in complete control — you can diversity your services to capitalize on a changing market and give your clients what they truly want.

10. Develop Your Skills

You often need to be a Jack-of-all-trades as a business owner, which means you’ll learn a wide range of skills, such as copywriting and social media marketing. You’ll be able to invest in your own education and learn skills that will allow you to grow and expand.

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